Several of the many Temples in Bagan, Myanmar.

The Old Temples and Pagodas situated all around Old Bagan.

Guide and Photos about just a few of the hundreds of Pagodas and Temples which can be seen at Old Bagan and Nyaung U in Myanmar.

Before setting off sightseeing the temples on a bike or e-bike for the day do remember to take plenty of water/drinks with you, plus a hat and so on. Also a longish sleeve t-shirt plus zip off trouser/shorts are pretty useful since things do get really hot out in the bondoo and getting sun-burn is quite possible if care is not taken. Most of the hire bikes and e-bikes have carriers/baskets attached to them.
As soon as you leave New Bagan on the road to Old Bagan (and Nyaung U) the temple ruins appear almost immediately - often situated within a few yards of the road. The instinct is to stop off at the first ones you come across because these old buildings do look really beautiful with their old brickwork and shapes and it's hard to beleive their could be so much more to see further along. However these do just keep coming as you continue along - and it is soon apparent that many temples and pagodas are situated for quite some distance into the scrub.
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Bagan Temples 01 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temples
Bagan Temples 11 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temples
Bagan Temples 17 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temples
Bagan Temples 18 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temples
Sein Nyet Pagoda - Bagan, Myanmar.
Sein Nyet Pagoda
Sein Nyet Temple at Bagan, Myanmar.
Sein Nyet Temple
Bagan Temples 20 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Bagan Temples 21 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temples
One thing if you like taking photos of old buildings and want to know the names of said structures is that nearly all of Old Bagan's buildings are not named with noticeboards. Where you do find a temple named the chances are it is only written in Burmese - where it could have been so simple to also put it in English. Also apart from a couple of the major -tourist- attractions, quite often their is a lot of scrub and undergrowth around which you have to clamber through quite apart from the sandy surface. Certainly wearing decent shoes or sandles (and socks too!) can be quite a benefit - especially compared to flip-flops etc.

The Somingyi Monastery in Bagan, Myanmar.

This was built in 1204 and may have been named after Somingyi who may have sponsored it's construction. It is a brick built example of the many religious complexes and monasteries in the area which were in those days mostly constructed of wood. This huge structure is built on a platform with a courtyard, monks cells and a two storey temple. The Monastery has two floors and it is still ok to climb up to the top from where there are good views around the Bagan countryside.
The Somingyi Monastery at Bagan in Myanmar.
Somingyi Monastery
Somingyi Monastery entrance at Bagan.
Somingyi Monastery
Small temples next to Somingyi Monastery - Bagan, Myanmar.
Somingyi Temples
Somingyi Monastery monks cells at Bagan, Myanmar.
Somingyi Monastery

Abeyadana Temple at Bagan, Myanmar.

This is an 11th century temple which was constructed with a Singalese Stupa - it was constructed by Abeyadana who was the Bengalese wife of King Kyanzittha (the ruler of the Pagan dynasty in Burma between 1084 to 1112). Inside there are lots of frescoes which depict various Bodhisattvas and also there are Hindu deities such as Vishnu and Shiva - showing the influence visiting Indian monks had placed on him.

Nagayon Temple in Bagan, Burma.

On the opposite side of the road is the large 12th century Nagayon Temple which was built by King Kyanzittha in the Mon style but with a design also influenced by the Orissa region of India. Inside the temple there are a variety of carvings and Buddha images as well as other frescoes. King Kyanzittha considered Vishnu to be his patron.
Small temple beside Abeyadana Temple - Bagan, Myanmar.
Abeyadana Temple
Abeyadana Temple - Bagan, Myanmar.
Abeyadana Temple
Nagayon Temple - Bagan, Myanmar.
Nagayon Temple
Nagayon Temple entrance - Bagan, Myanmar.
Nagayon Temple entrance
Nagayon Temple sculpture - Bagan, Myanmar.
Nagayon Temple sculpture
Nagayon Temple sculpture - Bagan, Myanmar.
Nagayon Temple sculpture
Bagan Temples 22 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Bagan Temples 23 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Manuha Temple - Bagan, Myanmar.
Manuha Temple
Myazedi Pagoda at Bagan.
Myazedi Pagoda
Gubyaukgyi Temple - Bagan, Myanmar.
Gubyaukgyi Temple
Bagan Temples 01 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple

Looking at The Shwesandaw Pagoda in Old Bagan.

This is another beautiful white pagoda which has five square terraces and is topped with a circular stupa which itself is sat on two octagonal platforms. It was constructed by Anawratha in 1057. The actual shrine was built to enshrine the hairs of the Buddha. It was the first Bagan structure to have stairway leading from the terraces to the base of the stupa. Within the walls of the complex is a long brick building () withn which there is a 60 foot long reclining Buddha. The Buddha image is from the 11th century and lies with it's head facing south thus depicting a sleeping Buddha. The area around the Shwesandaw Pagoda is particularly busy towards sunset - but anyway quite busy most of the time.
Bagan Temples 02 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Bagan Temples 03 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temples
Shwesandaw Pagoda at Old Bagan in Myanmar.
Shwesandaw pagoda
The Shinbinthalyaung (houses reclining Buddha at Shwesandaw Pagoda.
Lawkahtake Pan - Bagan, Myanmar.
Lawkahtake Pan
Bagan Temples 04 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Bagan Temples 05 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Thatbyinnya Temple - Bagan, Myanmar.
Thatbyinnya Temple

The Mingalazedi Pagoda at Bagan, Myanmar.

This was the last of the great stupas to be constructed and represents the pinnacle of Bamar architecture - it was completed in 1287 by King Narathihapate who was the last Bagan King to rule the entire Burmese Empire. The Pagoda is enclosed inside gates and has a small garden area. It is situated on a huge platform and has a 131 foot high central tower. As an indication of how wealthy the kingdom was, around the walls there were once 1061 glazed plaques depicting scenes from the Jatakas (illustrations and stories about previous incarnations of the Buddha).
Mingalazedi pagoda, one of the last great stupas in Burma.
Mingalazedi Pagoda
General view of some of the Temples at Bagan, Myanmar.
Some of Bagan's
numerous Temples
Bagan Temples 07 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Bagan Temples 08 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temples
Nice shaped Bagan Temple.
Bagan Temple
Bagan Temples 10 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Bagan Temples 12 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
Bagan Temples 13 - Bagan, Myanmar.
Bagan Temple
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