The old Botataung Pagoda near the river - Downtown Yangon

Botataung Pagoda - Downtown Yangon in Myanmar.

The beautiful golden Botataung Pagoda in Burma. Side view of the golden Botataung Pagoda, Yangon.View from the street of The Botataung Pagoda - Yangon. This famous 132 foot high Burmese Pagoda is situated to the east along Strand Road and near the Hlaing River in Yangon. The easiest way to get there is by taxi since the multi-lane Strand Road is generally very busy with traffic and also very hot to walk along - plus quite dusty and smelly because of the amount of lorries using it. The Pagoda is open daily and their is a USD3 entrance fee for foreigners - also of course visitors must remove their shoes before entering - there is a shoe keeper at the entrance.
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Part of the Botataung Pagoda in Yangon. Botataung Pagoda buildings. Botataung Pagoda Buddha images. King Anawratha paying homage to the Buddha at Botataung Pagoda
The Chedi is believed at one time to have held all eight hairs of Gautama Buddha - the hairs were originally brought to Burma more than 2000 years ago by eight monks and were then guarded by 1000 military leaders hence the name Bo [leader] and Tataung [1000]. Later seven of the hairs were sent to various other Pagodas around Burma whilst one remains within Botataung Pagoda. The 131 foot high bell-shaped stupa is built in the Mon style and is beautifully guilded with a "new" gold leaf coating.
Gold plated walls and ceiling at The Botataung Pagoda - Yangon, Myanmar. Gold carvings inside the Botataung Pagoda at Yangon. There are planatery shrines at the cardinal points. The Paya (or Pagoda or Chedi) was destroyed in 1943 during an air raid and was then rebuilt with an important and unusual difference in that it is hollow inside - not solid as is the case with most such structures. Walking inside (which should be done in a clock-wise direction)  around the narrow maze all the walls and ceilings are totally covered with beautiful carvings of gold and silver. There are also several locked show-cases which contain particularly important Buddhist relics.
Golden whee carving at The Botataung Pagoda. Golden abinet at The Botataung Pagoda A sacred tooth relic at the Botataung Pagoda in Burma. Botataung Pagoda carvings inside the Pagoda.
The Buddha's Bronze Image Statue at The Botataung Pagoda in Yangon. One particular item of interest which ended with a satisfactory conclusion concerned the Mandalay Royal Palace's Buddha's Bronze image. This was cast in gold, silver, bronze, iron and lead during 1859 under the royal order of King Mindon of Myanmar. Within the Buddha's image statue there were enshrined several Buddha's sacred relics.
When British forces took over Upper Myanmar they captured the Royal Palace and typical of those times the Royal Palace Bronze image was taken to Great Britain. Having been on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum for many years the image was then returned to Myanmar on the 17th of June 1951 - and is now on display at the Pagoda.

The temple Tank at Botataung Pagoda in Yangon, Burma. Botataung Pagoda shrines and chedi - Burma. Part of the yard at the Botataung Pagoda. A small Buddha's Tooth Releic Pagoda at Botataung in Yangon.

Within the complex there is a nice tank which contains terrapins, various Buddha statues and brightly coloured glass shrines. Also in the courtyard there is another colourful but small Tooth Relic Pagoda.
View from the river area of Botataung Pagoda - Yangon. Hlaing River small boats - Yangon. Outside the Pagoda along the road there are the usual stalls selling flowers, candles and brightly coloured ornaments - also they sell fish food to take inside for the terrapins.
A short walk from the Pagoda leads down to the river - actually this is one of the few places in Yangon where you can get down to see the river. In the area there are seats and cafes - also stalls and hawkers selling bags of food for the gulls. Feeding the gulls is a daily occurence which usually occurs in the late afteroon - a very interesting thing to watch or even participate in. Note that down by the river and also outside the Pagoda there are usually plenty of taxis available to get you back to somewhere.
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