Kye-Mhon Bridge, West side of Mandalay Moat, Myanmar

Mandalay Hill in Myanmar.

Taking a slow walk up the many steps to the top of Mandalay Hill to see the Buddhist Su Taung Pyi Pagoda, numerous Shrines and Buddha Images.

Mandalay Hill is situated on the north-east corner of the Moat - actually in the area where most of the most important Pagodas and Monasteries in Mandalay are situated - therefore well known to any taxi driver. Visitors wishing to go to the top of the hill can either walk up or a taxi will take you up a winding road nearly to the top and from there you can use an escalator to the Pagoda. There are four different stairways which meet at around 2/3rds of the way with the most popular route to the top of Mandalay Hill being the South Entrance - which is well guarded by two beautiful pure white Chinthes.
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Mandalay Hill Chinthes (mythical beasts) guarding the South Walkway.
Mandalay Hill South
Entrance Chinthes
A small Shrine on the way up Mandalay Hill.
Mandalaly Hill Shrine
Mandalay Hill Buddha - Mandalay.
Hill Buddha
A temple water tank some way up Mandalay Hill.
Mandalay Hill Tank
The climb of 760 feet is via 1729 steps and takes perhaps 45 to 60 minutes. Note that shoes have to be left at the bottom of the steps - there is a lady there who will keep them safe for you - however socks can be worn if you wish. The thought of all these steps might well be off-putting however the climb varies in it's steepness - some parts are more on slight slopes i.e. it is not remotely like a continuous stepped climb. The entire ascent has a covered walkway so you are protected from the Sun - and since the sides are open often as not there is some sort of breeze.
On the way up there are many stalls which sell lots of Buddha type souvenirs, also you can get snacks at several cafes. Lots of shrines are to be found on the way often as not amongst trees and part way up there is a large hall containing quite a few Buddhas including the Shweyattaw (Gautama Buddha) whose outstretched arm points to where the Royal Palace was built.
Shweyattaw Buddha (Gautama) pointing to Mandalay Palace.
Shwe yattaw Buddha
A Praying Buddha image on Mandalay Hill.
Praying Buddha
East Saungdan (covered stairway) at  Mandalay Hill.
East Saungdan
View of Mandalay from halfway up Mandalay Hill.
Mandalay Hill view
Covered Walkway market stalls - Mandalay.
Covered Walkway stalls
Some of the many Shrines on the way up Mandalay Hill.
Mandalay Hill Shrines
Mandalay Hill - Mandalay.
Mandalay Hill Shrine - Mandalay.
Mandalay Hill Shrine
Mandalay Hill Stupa - Mandalay.
Mandalay Hill Stupa
Myatsawnyinaung - Mandalay.
Ordination Hall Buddha - Mandalay.
Ordination Hall Buddha
Gold stupas - Mandalay.
Gold stupas
Further up the climb is the Ordination Hall (Myatsawnyinaung) - actually worth looking around as it has many white arched corridors and with scripts on the walls and ceiling - also you get some good views of Mandalay from one side. Just before reaching the Summit the area is packed with more stalls and lots of local people - really more like a market area since there were all sorts of things for sale from shoes to clothing. From here there is the final climb to the Su Taung Pyi Pagoda. At the Pagoda there are many richly coloured shrines (quite dazzling in fact), glass mosaic pillars and brightly coloured Ogres to look at.
Ogre King statue at Mandalay Hill.
Ogre King
Shwe yattaw stupas - Mandalay.
Shwe yattaw stupas
Beautifully decorated Shwe Yattaw, Mandalay Hill Burma.
Shwe Yattaw Mandalay
Shwe yattaw Mandalay - Mandalay.
Shwe Yattaw
Sitting Buddha - Mandalay Hill.
Sitting Buddha
Mandalay Temple Chedi - Mandalay.
Temple Chedi
Su Taung Pyi Pagoda atop Mandalay Hill.
Su Taung
Pyi Pagoda
Mandalay Hill South entrance - Mandalay.
Mandalay Hill
Bobokyi Nat entrance
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