View of the beautiful area around Inle Lake, Myanmar.

Circular bike ride from Nyaung Shwe via Inle Lake.

Isolated pagoda in a field just outside of Nyaungshwe, Myanmar.

There are all sorts of things to see on this 25kms bike ride which takes in beautiful countryside, the odd Pagoda, lots of stilt houses and a nice ride across Inle Lake.

The ride also can be diverted slightly to visit a Winery and also a monastery up in the hills so the distance quoted could increase quite a bit (especially the monastery visit as it's some way off the route). This bike ride goes mostly on narrow roads some of which are quite pot-holed, dusty and there are also one or two small hills!. So it is quite a hard cycle-ride especially considering the probably hot weather - remember to take drinks and so on although there are a couple of places where you can buy something.Also take some Dollars to pay for the long tail ferry trip across Inle Lake - this should be around USD7 for 2 people and bikes so have around USD10 (in single notes as the ferryman won't have change) to be sure.
Starting from Tiek Nan Bridge head right through Nyaung Shwe along the main road i.e. Yone Gyi Road - passing all the shops etc.. On the outskirts of the town just after going by Inle Inn on the left and then the Police Station on the right you soon reach cross roads - turn right (going towards Maing Thauk). This generally quiet road winds on out into what soon becomes quite remote countryside with only the odd house and occasional pagoda around.
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View from Red Mountain Vineyard, near Inle Lake, Myanmar. Shady but dusty local road outside of Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar. Unknown monastery on the Nyaungshwe road to Maing Thauk - Myanmar. Pagodas near Maing Thauk Village, Inle Lake, Myanmar.
Around 5kms along there is a signed turnoff on the left to Red Mountain Estates Vineyards from where there are good views. However although it's only about a 1km the road up to the vineyard this is very steep. Back on the road continue along and eventually the road really does start winding around as it goes over small bridges. The road surface also really deteriorates as it becomes really sandy, bumpy and has more than one pot-hole - this is hard going on a bike. There are fortunately a few places where you can stop either under trees or in one case a nice pagoda to look round. Also there is the occasional cafe where you can get a drink - if they are open.
Farmers feilds just outside of Maing Thauk - near Inle Lake, Myanmar. The jetty and waiting Maing Thauk boats, Myanmar. Maing Thauk Village long-tail boats - Inle Lake in Myanmar. Main Thauk Bike ferry, Inle Lake, Myanmar.
Maing Thauk sidebridge. Inle Lake long-tail boat boathouse. floating paddyfields everywhere at Inle Lake in Myanmar. floating gardens on the edges of Inle Lake, Myanmar.
On reaching Maing Thauk there is a crossroads and with a sign on the right pointing to Inle Lake and Ferry Services. Almost certainly someone will approach you to see if you want a ferry across the lake - the fare should be no more than USD7 for two people and two bikes. However before going down to the ferry perhaps instead turn left up a track which leads to an orphanage, several pagodas and also you can continue on to a monastery - the latter is quite a little way away and uphill.
The boat trip across the lake is very interesting - it's a good idea to walk along the jetty rather than get onto the ferry (a long tail boat) straightaway as there are pretty good views of Maing Thauk's long-tail boats, tilt-houses and general countryside. The ferryman will probably load your bikes and then pick you up at the end of the jetty if you ask him too - it's also easier there to get onto the boat.
cafe stilthouse. Maing Thauk floating village, Myanmar. Lovely views of stilt houses from a longtail boat ferry at Maing Thauk in Myanmar. Floating gardens on Inle Lake at Maing Yhauk - Myanmar.
Beautiful pair of stilt houses at Maing Thauk - Myanmar. stilt house on the feeder canal at Maing Thauk in Myanmar. Kaung Daing floating garden and  stilt house - Inle Lake, Myanmar. Kaung Daing stilthouses - Inle Lake, Myanmar.
Getting off the ferry at Kaung Daing jetty? in Myanmar Paths and small canal feeding the ricefields at Nyaungshwe. Including going along the channel the trip across Inle Lake to Kaung Daing village is around 6kms. This is really interesting - loads more stilt houses, local people going here and there on their long tail boats and also you can see floating gardens. These are where the villagers grow many of their crops - the gardens are pegged to the bottom of the lake with long poles to stop them wandering off onto the lake.
At the far side there is not much of a jetty - just a bit of canal bank but the boatman soon gets you and your bikes on-shore. Once off the boat go through the village and onto the main road. Turn right - there are some shops along and a particularly useful one is a little away along on the left-hand side where you can get water if you need too. The route from here is quite hilly - eventually passing the hot springs and then countryside again just with the odd pagoda out in the fields. Note you need to be careful on this road - coaches use it and the drivers are pretty stupid because they go far too fast and will try and browbeat cyclists off the road.
The distance from where you get off the ferry to the Nyaung Shwe turn off (which goes off on the right) is a little under 5kms - the "road" down to Nyaung Shwe may or may not be sign-posted by the way. However look out for a drinks stall on the right and a Ticket Booth on the left to identify this turn-off - or ideally ask a local if it is the correct way.
Nearly waterless paddyfields - outskirts of Nyaungshwe. Nyaungshwe mini-canal and someducks. Small canal and houses outside of Nyaungshwe - Myanmar. Teik Nan Bridge at Nyaung Shwe - Myanmar.
In March 2014 the state of this road was appalling - in truth it was more like a narrow path, extremely dusty and often with deep sand - so very difficult to cycle along. The road was however under repair at the time so perhaps it has improved. The route however is really nice as it goes between paddy fields and between numerous small canals. Eventually the road becomes tarmac surface and then the ride is fine back to Tiek Nan Bridge at Nyaung Shwe.
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