Outskirts of Nyaungshwe, Myanmar.

A Local Bike Ride at Nyaung Shwe.

local houses in paddy-fields at Nyaung Shwe, Burma.

This fairly short Bike Ride from Nyaung Shwe is straightforward and flat - it goes out into the Burmese countryside and visits a couple of monasteries, pagodas and villages.

There is nowhere to get any drinks or food on this ride so remember to take such with you - especially some drinks and wear a hat. Note this bike ride is about 3.5kms in length and it does or can be very hot and dusty out on the fields and paths.
Starting from Cross Tiek Nan Bridge go over it (i.e. away from town) and follow the road which bends sharp left and continue along as it goes beside the Nan Chaung Canal passing stilt houses on the left and a small canal and fields on the right. The first part of this bike ride is mostly tree-lined therefore quite shady and pleasant to cycle along.
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When the road bears right keep straight ahead on a dirt track - soon crossing a small bridge and then shortly reaching a cross track (which you will return too eventually). Go straight ahead on a track to soon reach a colourful Pagoda and Stupa which is surrounded by trees. Having look round the Pagoda you can then go on a little further to see the small village of Nan The which straddles the canal.
This Nyaung Shwe Stupa seems to have a tree growing through it - Myanmar. Teak Monastery - name not known - Nyaung Shwe - Myanmar. Monastery Stupas - Nyaungshwe area, Myanmar. An old somewhat run-down teak Monastery - Nyaungshwe outskirts, Myanmar.
Return back to the track cross-junction turn left on the track which goes across the fields to a clearly visible large monastery. This has several buildings which look to be dis-used although a few people do seem to be working on the building. Crossing the courtyard and between the buildings there is then a wooden footbridge over the narrow field irrigation canal.
Wooden bridge crossing a field canal by the monastery at Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar. Looking back at this name unknown Monastery near Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar. Small farm buildings near Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar. Several village house on the outskirts of Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar.
Once over turn left and almost immediately right on a narrow raised field-path which soon reaches some houses. Go on between the houses to a road. Turn left and in a short while go over a bridge which crosses the canal - and almost immediately take a bridge on the left going over another small canal. From here a long track eventually reaches the Ywa Thit Village and Monastery.
Local village house on the outskirts of Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar. Ywa Thit Monastery in the fields at Nyaungshwe, Myanmar. View of the inside of Ywa Thit Monastery in Myanmar. Colourful Stupas at Ywa Thit - near Inle Lake, Myanmar.
Ywa Thit wooden field-bridge, Myanmar. The village well beside Ywa Thit Monastery in Myanmar. The monastery is set in paddy-fields and has several small pagodas nearbye - also an old well which is still used by the villagers. The whole area is a beautiful sight. The teak Monastery was once used as a school especially for poor children but is now just occupied by a single monk. Visitors are very welcome and he will be only too pleased to show people around and explain all about the monastery and so on. It should be noted that he will not ask at all for any donation but visitors really should give him something to help support the monastery.
From here return back along the tracks to the road then turn right and follow the road back to Tiek Nan Bridge. The above is just the basic way round however there are many more tracks and field-paths around this area many of which cyclists might want to go off onto for a bit of exploring.
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